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The first time I met an flatcoated retriever it was year 1983 and I was 11years old. I totally fell for this lovely breed and it really was love at first sight. You can read more about that at the history page. Flatcoats have actively been my hobby since 1985 including dogshows and fieldtrials, both training and tests. I have also been interested in pedigrees and breeding since the beginning and my first litter was born in 1995.

Today I have two flatcoated retriever females at home and one female is co-owned. I am 47 years old and have been living in the easter part of Finland since december 2004. Easter part of Finland is surrounded by nature, lakes and beautiful countryside, perfect place to live with flatcoats and be active with them.

We are living in the countryside close to town Joensuu, surrounded by water and forest. I work at Joensuu in a private doctors station in the operating theatre taking care of instruments .

We often spend weekends and holidays in  our countryhome at Siilinjärvi by the lake Kallavesi. It is a perfect place to load batteries and relax, we and the girls love the place so much.




 Our countryhome at Siilinjärvi by the lake Kallavesi


I aim in my breeding to an healthy and sound flatcoated retriever, both in mind and body.They should look like typy flatcoats and be able to work on hard conditions all day long.I sell my puppies to people who are interested in some of the activities that flatcoats are perfect for. Those are shows, fieldtrials, hunting, tracking, obedience and agility. An active flatcoat should have an opportunity to do something with both his or hers mind and body. In other words it is very important to take care of the dogs both physical and mental health to keep it healthy and happy.



I breed in very small scale, only one litter in every 2-3 years.I breed out of love to the breed and want to put all my energy to each litter before I plan a new one.Every litter is checked ( hips, eyes, elbows) and puppies have been to some shows and fieldtrial tests before I go forward in my breeding.

Puppies grow in my house with me until they leave for their new homes at the age of eight weeks.They are my familymembers! This is the way they become social and get familiar with people, other dogs and different sounds. Puppies have plenty of love, care and space to play and go around. Everyday puppies get to go out to the fresh air and exercise their bones and muzzles. And of course first class nutrition combined with mom`s milk gives the  healthiest bones. If you wan`t to know more about my breeding don`t hesitate to contact me !


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